Mainstream News is Failing You All of the Time

The mainstream media outlets are not the defenders of democracy. The goal of mainstream media is to preserve their continued access to power. Mainstream media reporters have been completely deferential to a White House that is shamelessly racist and openly corrupt. They will continue to be submissive so long as their press passes are still active.

Everyone with access to Donald Trump knows how far they can go before their access gets cut off. It's why they refuse to directly confront this administration. It’s why they accuse Donald Trump of ‘falsehoods’ instead of telling the American people the truth. That Donald Trump is a mentally ill pathological liar. They can’t tell you how stupid he is. That he lacks the cognitive ability to do his job. If they go a step too far, well then, they can’t get close enough to Donald Trump to be able to speak to him and that’s what they truly want. The mainstream media is about access. If they told the truth about Donald Trump and spoke those words directly to Donald Trump they would lose that access. They all know how stupid Trump is, but they aren’t willing to speak truth to power.

The main stream White House press corps sit through daily briefings from a lying Sarah Huckabee Sanders. They sit there and allow her to tell bald face lies over and over every single day. Everyone knows that literally everything that comes out of her mouth is total bullshit. Yet they sit there and take it, because they want to be in the room tomorrow. They never stand up and tell her you are liar, you lie all the time, you are corrupting our discourse, you are embarrassing the White House and the entire country every single day when you stand at your podium and lie.

The mainstream media has completely failed us in the era of Trump. Don’t trust anyone who has continued access to power as a legitimate news source. Don't watch them. Don't read them. Don't support them. Don't defend them. 


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