Where’s my Roy Cohn?

“Where’s my Roy Cohn?” Trump shouted after numerous unsuccessful attempts to persuade Attorney General Jeff Sessions from recusing himself from the federal investigation into the Trump Campaign’s possible collusion with Russia.

The truth is, Trump already had a Roy Cohn. He had the actual Roy Cohn. That man died alone and in disgrace, which, in all likelihood, is an outcome Trump is not far from.

Roy Cohn’s rise to infamy began in the 1950’s as he served as chief counsel to Senator Joseph McCarthy during the ‘Second Red Scare’. The ‘Second Red Scare’, which Cohn was a driving force, can only be characterized as a vicious smear campaign designed to repress dissenting political opinion and destroy the lives of innocent American citizens. Cohn and McCarthy spread imaginary and false accusations of subversion and treason committed by prominent Americans for which there was such no evidence. Cohn ruined the lives and careers of hundreds of innocent Americans. This chapter, which invented a new term ‘McCarthyism’, was one of the darkest periods in American history. 

After the ‘Second Red Scare’, Cohn moved on to become one of the most prominent criminal attorneys for the mafia where his clients included notorious gangsters like John Gotti, Tony Salerno, Carmine Galante and also (of course) Donald Trump.

Trump met Cohn in 1973 and would later retain him to fight an assortment of lawsuits, one against the Department of Justice which accused the Trumps of discriminatory practices that denied renting properties to African Americans. Cohn would continue to represent Trump where he was involved in large construction projects and would later go on to describe Trump as his best friend. (More on Trump-Cohn relationship)

Roy Cohn died in 1986, penniless and kicked out of the New York Bar for dishonesty, fraud, deceit and misrepresentations. Cohn spent the closing years of his life battling criminal indictments ranging from blackmail, conspiracy, securities fraud and obstruction of justice.

So, why is Trump looking for another Roy Cohn? It’s very likely because he is looking for an attorney who doesn’t mind working with criminals and engaging in criminal activity. A attorney who doesn't mind engaging in nefarious tactics that would get one disbarred, indicted, embarrassed and be left penniless.  It could be that he is still looking for life advice from the man, absent of a moral compass who taught him his three dimensional life strategy:
  1. Never Settle – Never Surrender
  2. Counter Attack, Counter-sue immediately
  3. No matter what happens, no matter how deeply you get into the muck, claim victory and never admit defeat.
Whatever the reason, it casts light on Trump's intentions and state of mind. Nevertheless, it's a good thing the actual Roy Cohn isn't around to help Trump anymore. It's good for all of us. 


  1. Very informative, and telling in regards to the intentions of Trump.


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