Sloppy Steve! Sorry Steve! Sayonara Steve!

Steve Bannon, who has come under vicious assault from Trump and his surrogates in recent days, has come crawling back to the president begging for forgiveness days after the release of a new tell all book where he was quoted as calling Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with Russians in 2016 at Trump Tower “treasonous.”

Steve Bannon, the once Chief White House Strategist, once Chief Executive of the Trump Campaign and soon to be former chairman of Breitbart News has fallen a long way in the last 12 months. It was less than a year ago that Time Magazine put Bannon on their cover with the title, the ‘Great Manipulator’. Steve Bannon “has the tools to become as influential as any staffer in recent memory” the Time Magazine piece speculated. Little did they know that within the year, Bannon would be fired from his staffer position and his ex-boss would be tweeting out to his 46 million followers that ‘Sloppy Steve’ “cried” and “begged for his job” when he was “dumped like a dog.” Following Trump’s savage insults were reports that Bannon’s chief source of funding, namely the conservative billionaire Mercer family, had planned to cut him off financially. After being totally isolated and suffering one indignity after another this past week, the man who believes apologizing is a sign of weakness was left begging for forgiveness.

Steve Bannon promised in an October speech to California Republicans that he was “putting together a grass-roots political army that is going to go door to door. That shows that we don’t need to raise hundreds of millions of dollars.” He has successfully cultivated an image that he is a leader of a populist nationalist movement. That image is as manufactured as Donald Trump’s hair piece. Bannon is not part of any movement. A movement that relies on the funding of one billionaire family, such as Bannon and Breitbart do, is not a movement, but a manufactured tool of one super wealthy family.

Steve Bannon is a political thug masquerading as the chairman of a news organization when in reality he is an employee doing the bidding of the billionaire Mercers.  Or well at least he used to be. 


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