The DNC is Corrupt (I know, breaking news)

The DNC is a corrupt institution that is rotten to the core and that is the way party leaders want it. In an article released today in Politico, Donna Brazile, the interim committee chair of the Democratic National Committee, confirmed what we all had suspected for months. Hillary Clinton and the DNC had rigged the primary to undermine Bernie Sanders' chances.

After the 2012 election, President Barack Obama had left the party in significant debt. Even after all of the hundreds of millions of dollars raised, the party had $24 million in debt, $15 million in the bank and $8 million owed to its venders. The ‘Hillary Victory Fund’, a joint fundraising vehicle created by Hillary and the DNC, had paid off the substantial portion of the debt. The remaining debts were financed with loans from the Clinton campaign which, as describe by Brazile, put the party under full control of Hillary Clinton’s campaign long before she had won the nomination.

As per a written joint fund raising agreement between Hillary and the DNC, the agreement specified that in exchange for paying off the DNC’s debts, the Hillary campaign would control the party’s finances, strategy and all of the money raised. Hillary would also have the right to refuse who would be the party’s communication director and had the final decision on all other staffing, budget, data and mailings. They controlled it all, in secrecy. 

In order to pay the DNC debts, the Clinton campaign was snatching money from the state parties. The Hillary campaign had launched a fundraising campaign focused on down ballot races vowing to rebuild “the party from the ground up …. When our state parties are strong, we win.” The campaign raised over $80 million from these fund-raisers. Guess how much they left to the state parties she vowed to build. Less than half of one percent. It should be of no surprise to anyone how democrats have lost 2/3rds of the state houses, governorships, the senate and the house.

I don't believe that the actions of the Hillary Campaign and the DNC had any effect on the outcome of the primary. Hillary was going to win the primary with or without the DNC stacking the deck in her favor. However, these latest revelations on the inner workings of the DNC have made one thing abundantly clear. The DNC is run by a small group of corrupt self-interested individuals. They have raised hundreds of millions of dollars and shuffled that money around to consultants and strategists while systematically losing elections all over the country. A party that takes 99.5% of money raised by state party fundraisers has no interest in a large sustainable movement for change.

The DNC is a corrupt institution and needs to be purged and re-built from scratch.


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