How the DNC and Clinton Campaign Rigged the Primary

When we use the word “rigged” what we mean is the following. Long before the primary had begun, the DNC had an outcome they desired and they did what they could in order to see that desire come to fruition. The DNC gave all of its power to one candidate and one candidate only. It doesn’t mean that the DNC changed votes. It doesn’t mean that Bernie Sanders couldn’t win the nomination and it doesn’t mean that Hillary would have lost in a fair primary. It simply means the primary was unfair. It means DNC stacked the deck in Hillary Clinton’s favor so that she would have better chance to win the nomination.

In 2015, the DNC, seemingly in violation of the party's by-laws, took a $2 million loan from Hillary Clinton. Members of the party’s executive committee, like Donna Brazile, didn’t even know about the loan. In return, the DNC gave full control of the party to Clinton. In a written agreement between the DNC and the Clinton campaign, the DNC gave the following powers, in secrecy, to Hillary Clinton:
  • Full control over the party’s finances. 
  • Full control over DNC strategy. 
  • Full control over all money raised. 
  • Right of refusal on any public statement made by the DNC. Every written statement made by the DNC had to be first sent to the Clinton campaign headquarters for approval. 
  • The DNC was required to consult with the Hillary Clinton campaign about all:
    • Staffing.
    • Budgeting.
    • Data analytics.
    • Mailings.

Only one candidate’s campaign was given these rights. It was given to the Clinton campaign in exchange for money. It was given by the DNC, who was supposed to be the impartial arbiter of primary elections. The Clinton campaign took over full control of the DNC and it operated as a wing of the Clinton campaign before and during the primary.

There are some who are making the argument that Hillary should have been granted those powers, because she had raised more money and been a democrat for a longer period of time. If that is your position, that’s your prerogative, but you should be conscious that you are advocating for a corrupt party. A party where whoever has the most money wins. You are advocating for fake primaries. You don’t get the right to deny that the primaries were rigged and then when incontrovertible proof is discovered, argue that, 'well it should be that way'. The democrat party is supposed to be the party of the people. A party of that represents the people does not rig primary elections.

It is now undeniable that the primary was rigged.


  1. Was pretty obvious to most of us, tell me something new. Politics in a US been a bg money game for years, especially after citizens united
    Doesn't change the fact that the Donald is an incompetent
    habitual liar land willingly conspired with Russia to bombard online platforms with outright bullshit. Trump as chemotherapy for
    American politics? Hope its a short course of treatment and does not kill the patient


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