Anti-Trump Republicans Want to Unite? Thanks, but No Thanks

Donald Trump is bringing out Joe Scarborough’s “inner liberal” and Bill Kristol’s “Inner Socialist.” David Frum has written a new anti-Trump book, George W. Bush calls Trump a blowhard and now Brookings Institute conservative editor Benjamin Wittes releases a political manifesto that calls on liberals to stop contesting conservative or status quo policies in order to unite against Trump.

Well that embrace of the status quo is certainly convenient to a group of politicians and commentators who embrace and benefit from the status quo. Liberals and Democrats need to tell these Republicans who want to unite against Trump “Thanks, but no thanks.”

There are several important reasons why you must reject this “olive branch”

  • These “moderate” Republicans, if you want to call them that, are the Republicans who lost in the primary. They backed a terribly incompetent centrist candidate, named Jeb Bush, with all of their resources and he lost quite embarrassingly. Since then, the George W. Bush wing of the Republican Party has been ostracized. Bill Kristol and David Frum have not all of a sudden found their consciousness and reject partisan politics. They and their friends have been purged from the party and they are now looking for a new home.
  • Benjamin Wittes of the Brookings Institute wrote an 18 tweet “political manifesto” that proposes a truce between Republicans and Democrats that demands liberals stop contesting issues he deems non-essential for the time.

  • What he fails to do is mention any specifics about which issues he has deemed non-essential. I find that very curious and I'd like to know:
    • Is the grotesque GOP Tax Plan an issue we should not be contesting?
    • What about the GOP healthcare plans that kick tens of millions of people off of health insurance?
    • What about the assault on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?
    • What about Net Neutrality? Are we not supposed to be contesting that?
    • What about judiciary appointments and the stolen supreme court seat? Should Mitch McConnell be obstructing judicial appointments?
    • What about Mitch McConnell's change of the Senate Filibuster rules? What should we do about that?
    • What about DACA? Should we not be contesting that?
  • Let’s be very clear about one thing, Trump is a partisan Republican politician. Every single policy he pushes and advocates for are the same policies Paul Ryan, Mike Pence and Ted Cruz are pushing for. They are same policies anti-Trump Republicans push for. 

We should all be ashamed of a President who is a crude, disgusting and just a horrible person in general, but is that ALL we are fighting against? Or are we fighting for healthcare, education, the environment, a fair criminal justice system, a fair economic system, voting rights women’s rights, the rights of minorities and LGBT? If it’s the latter than you do not have anything in common with Republican “Never-Trumpers.” They have fought against these issues for 30 years.

Let’s say I grant you that Trump is a unique threat and we should do everything we can to get him out of office. What exactly are Kristol, Wittes and Frum even offering you? What have they brought to the table? The answer is nothing. They are bringing nothing. They are trying to re-brand themselves and find a new home because they have been purged from their political party. They should be writing open letters to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. Not asking Democrats to stop contesting Republican destructive policies. I for one will not be a tool in the re-branding of some George W. Bush holdovers.

Lastly, it is incredibly important to remember the following. Trump is not the cause of the current predicament. He is a symptom. He is the embodiment of the worst of Republican policies, dirty campaign tricks, radical right-wing talk radio, Info Wars conspiracies, and partisan propaganda from Fox News. He is the result of 20 years of attacks on voting rights that disenfranchised millions of non-white voters. He is the result of all of these things which have been advanced by all of the anti-Trump Republicans who now seek to stop him for their own personal reasons. Have any of these anti-Trump Republicans expressed any regret over the role they have played? No they haven’t. If they want to extend an olive branch and unite, they should start by confessing to the err of their ways.

Liberals, Democrats, Progressives. Don’t be a part of the re-branding of this dying breed of Republicans. Learn the lessons of 2016. America does not want centrist politicians uniting. They want political outsiders who will bring change. Uniting with Bush Republicans is the type of strategy that will lead to more election losses.

Tell George W. Bush, David Frum, Bill Kristol and Benjamin Wittes: Thanks, but no thanks. I support policies that will help middle class and working families. 


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