Uranium One. One Stupid Conspiracy.

It is best for your mental well-being to not step into the alternate universe that is the right wing media. I generally follow that principle, but since so many people are talking about it, lets spend a few minutes reviewing the latest Republican media fantasy, the ‘Hillary Clinton Uranium One’ scandal.

What the right wing media machine wants you to believe: Hillary Clinton took a bribe to sell Uranium to Russia!
Here are the facts of the story:
  • In 2007, Frank Giustra, a Canadian uranium mining tycoon who owned UrAsia, donated 145 million dollars to the Clinton foundation (‘the bribe’). In the same year, Frank Giustra sold his company, UrAsia, to Uranium One.
  • In 2010, Rosatom, a Russian nuclear energy agency, bought a controlling financial interest in Uranium one. 
  • Uranium One had mining licenses for the extraction of 20 percent of the US uranium capacity. 
  • This agreement had to be signed off by the committee on Foreign Investment. There are 9 members on that committee. The committee requires unanimous approval. Hillary Clinton did not sit on the committee on Foreign Investment.
  • The deal had to be approved by the nuclear regulatory commission.
  • The deal had to be approved by the State Department.
  • Finally, the deal had to be signed off on by President Barack Obama.

This deal was an approval of a financial stake in a company. It was not a deal to sell uranium to Russia. The uranium in this deal CANNOT legally leave the United States except to be further processed in Canada, which then must be returned to the United States.

In order to believe this conspiracy, which as President Trump put as, Clinton “gave 20% of our uranium — gave Russia for a big payment”, you have to believe the following:
Clinton did it.
  • A Canadian gave 145 million dollars as a bribe to the Clinton Foundation 3 years BEFORE he sold his company to ANOTHER Canadian company so that Hillary Clinton would approve that OTHER Canadian company’s sale to a Russian agency. Got that?
  • Hillary Clinton had full control over every member of the Foreign Investment Committee.
  • Hillary Clinton silenced all objectors in the State Department
  • Hillary Clinton had full control of Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
  • Hillary Clinton then bribed President Obama to sign off on the deal.
Wow. This one is really stupid.


  1. Extraordinary! I have tried very hard to at least hear right-wingers out but at each attempt just could not bring myself to endure the non-sequitures! There is a great deal about the left and some progressives that drives me nuts but at least I can follow their logic! Right wing racist incoherent babble just gives me a headache. Many thanks!

    1. Thanks for your comment. There are some members of society that need to be written off (in terms of arguing with). No amount of proof, evidence or facts will ever change their mind. However, it is good to be informed on the right wing lunacy so that you can explain it to other open minded people.


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