The Republicans Are Revolting Against Donald Trump?

No. GOP Senators are not revolting against Trump. Get it right. Non-Trump Senators are being purged from the party.

You wouldn’t know this by watching any major news media network.

Are GOP Senators revolting against Trump!? Let’s check in with Trump.

So, who are these Republican Senators that are revolting? (Not to be confused with revolting Republican Senators)

There are three of them.

Jeff Flake from Arizona who announced his retirement during his Senate floor speech. Why is Jeff Flake retiring? Simply put, he would have to face a pro-Trump Republican in his primary and he would lose.

Bob Corker from Tennessee, another retiring Senator who is in line to be one of the 88% of retiring Senators who takes a cushy high paying lobbying job.

Lastly, the 81 year old Senator John McCain from Arizona who is battling a highly aggressive brain cancer.

The one recurring theme between the three revolting Senators, they all have no future in the Republican party and they will all be replaced by pro-Trump candidates.

What are the other GOP Senators saying about this “GOP revolt”? The Senators who wish to be a part of the Republican party in the foreseeable future?

Sen. Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma: “Maybe we do better by having some of the people who just don’t like him leave, and replace them with somebody else.”

Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio: “You know my answer. I’m focused on getting stuff done. – I want to work with him to get stuff done.”

Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina: “I am not going to engage in that conversation at all.”

Sen. David Perdue of Georgia: “We are all professionals here. These two guys can say and do what they want to do. But right now, we’ve got a bigger issue and the bigger issue is to get this tax bill done.”

The GOP Senators who look to be part of the Republican party in the future are rallying around Trump. He is still the most popular Republican in the party. The candidate who broke all the records for Republican primary ballots cast in his name. 

To revolt against Trump is to revolt against the Republican Party and its constituents. 

Trump is the Republican party. 


  1. No argument here. However there is the question of whether the American electorate at large will embrace and endorse this new, decomposing "Trumpublican" party or provide it the decent and respectful burial reserved for any corpse! The world awaits America's answer with bated breath, as do I.

    1. The problem for us is not just whether the American electorate will embrace it. As you know, a majority of the electorate already rejected Donald Trump in the election. We must also deal with the electoral map, gerrymandering, voter suppression etc. In the 2012 election in Wisconsin, for example, Democrats won 53% of the vote, but only received 39% of the state assembly seats (due to gerrymandering).


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