For the good of the party, Hillary needs to go away. Permanently.

There is that cliché moment in Hollywood action movies when the selfless hero sacrifices himself for the good of the group. That moment when the weight of the group is too much for one rope to handle and the hero hanging at the bottom slices the rope just above him. Sacrificing himself while saving the group. The democrats are at that moment and the person hanging onto the bottom of that rope is Hillary Clinton. If she truly cared about helping the democrats, she would cut that rope, but she won’t. The party is going to have to do it for her.

Regardless of how you feel about Hillary Clinton (and yes I did vote for her), we cannot keep re-litigating the 2016 election. We cannot continue with her as a leader of the party. Especially when that leader has failed in multiple presidential elections. We cannot willfully march into battles at a disadvantage. To do otherwise is gross negligence.

It doesn’t matter that Republicans, Russia, Fox News and talk radio systemically assassinated her character. It doesn’t matter that James Comey may have cost her the election. It doesn’t matter that Sean Hannity is running far-fetched Clinton uranium conspiracies nightly. It doesn’t matter how unfair any of this has been to her. What matters is that all of it worked.

As terrible and rotten as Donald Trump has been in the first year of his presidency, his net favorability rating is still consistently higher than Hillary Clinton’s. Let that sink in. Even after Trump’s “Both Sides” speech defending Neo-Nazi’s, Trump has had higher favorability ratings. All of this despite the fact that Trump has polled as one of the mostunfavorable Presidents in history.

The Democrat party is not a tool for Hillary Clinton to use to clear her name. It’s time for the Democrats to permanently cut ties with the Clintons. There are more important issues at stake than the Clinton legacy.


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